10mm 320 FT 100meters solid braided climbing PP polypropylene safety rescue rope

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Product Overview


PP rope information




Product Name

10mm*320 FT 100meters  solid  braided kernmantle PP polypropylene safety rescue rope 


 Polypropylene(rope), Aluminum alloy (carabiner)


Yellow, orange, etc


10mm, customized 

Breaking strength

 10mm: 15KN (1500kgs)


100meters or Customized


Wooden reel, Coil, Bundle, Hank,Carton, as your request


Water rescue, icerescue ,Canyon rescue, flood rescue, Aerial work,In CavingHigh protection, Spelunking, Overhead protection




Our products can be customized, different eye splices and metal accessories all can be offered. We also offer technicial throw bags.

Product Description

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Product features

1)This product is made of 100% POLYPROPYLENE raw material, the outside shell  is made of original color thread (customized color ), the inner core is white (high tenacity 8kg/ Dan),weaving method is 32 strands or 48 strands.

2) This product has gone through more than 10 complicated processes, each of which is linked to each other. The outside shell is smooth and flat, without creases. and more wear-resistant. Especially the processing of the inner core is consistent with the mountaineering rope, which can be 1000 meters without joint to ensure the integrity and flexibility of the product.

3) In addition to ultra-high strength, this product can float on the water and flow with the water, which can meet the purpose of rescue and escape

4) This product is added with reflective silk, which perfectly matches with chemical fiber. It has good gloss and warning function in the daytime, and good reflective performance at night to make up for insufficient light.

5) The melting point of this product is 167℃, so  please keep away from  high temperature and hot place.

6) Our company has passed ISO 9001:2015 quality system, with CE certificate and ensile test report.

7) Our company also provides the throwing bag (charge) used with this product . The throwing bag is also made and tested strictly.

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