IPL glasses 532nm 810nm 808nm 1064nm 10600nm Diode Nd YAG Co2 laser protective goggles laser safety goggles

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Product Overview


IPL glasses 532nm 810nm 808nm 1064nm 10600nm  Diode Nd YAG Co2 laser protective goggles laser safety goggles

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Product Description

532&1064nm laser safety glasses

These laser safety goggles provide CE certified laser radiation protection from a laser wavelength of 532nm&1064nm. There is no selection of light source, these series laser goggles is able to protect eyes from all peripheral laser radiation.

Protect Wavelength:200-540nm&900-1100nm
Available: 532nm, 1064nm, etc.,
Application: ND: YAG Laser Protection
Typical for: 532&1064nm
Transmittance: 30%
O.D6+ @ 200 - 540nm
O.D5+ @ 900 - 1100nm
L-Rating: 315 - 540nm DIRM LB5
900 - 1070nm DIR LB5

Featured characteristics of laser safety goggles:

Durable polycarbonate lenses equipped with comfortable frame
Safe protection from various peripheral laser radiations
Rapid reaction to the specific wavelength of the laser light
Top and side shield protection
Lenses scratches bring no effect to safety laser radiation protection and optical density of the lenses
CE certified EN207 compliant

Caution with Lasers:

Do not look directly into the laser beam. Laser safety glasses provide eye protection from laser radiation and prevent deviation and base diffuse of laser energy. The maximum time of laser pointing should be no more than 10 seconds.

Keep the laser safety goggles stored in their protective case when not being used.
Put the laser goggles in the area where storage temperature does not exceed 27℃.
Discard while there is effect by damage, fade or scratches
Clean with a 91% isopropyl alcohol and wide with a cotton swab.


Does low power green laser pointer hurt your eyes?
Yes. We mean low power green laser pointer usually is 5mw to 20mw. This is enough to hurt eyes if do not use it in the right way. It is prohibited to see the laser beam on the wall, and 100% prohibited to shoot eyes by this kind laser pointers.

Can sunglasses be used instead of laser safety glasses?
No, The filter of laser safety glasses has a special absorber component to reduce the laser energy in geometry times. Common sunglasses even cannot block any laser at all because of the characters of a laser of high concentration in space and time.

Detailed Images

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Company Information

Our company is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to IPL Laser components,optics and laser safety. Our laser products have been widely used in industrial laser, laser medical, laser military, and scientific research fields.
At present, our products include: pulse xenon lamp, laser crystal, laser lens, laser protective glasses and windows, optical sapphire products
The company has always been adhering to the attitude and responsibility of safety first, while ensuring the quality and service of each product, so that every customer can get the greatest satisfaction in accessories
Your choice is the biggest driving force for us to move forward. Welcome to contact us for cooperation

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