air force flight suit Flight coverall pilot suit

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multifunctional special flight suit
Color: olive green/khaki
Fabric: aramid IIIA (93% aramid 1313+5% aramid 1414+2% conductive fiber) plain fabric, 150GSM
Applicable industry: military, space flight,
Product features: flame retardant, anti - static
Safety standard: GB8965, EN11612, NFPA2112, F5115
Product features:Adopt thin multifunctional special flight suit fabrics, fabrics of permanent flame retardant, good strength, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, good color fastness, with excellent fire retardant and antistatic performance, after processing, the moisture absorption perspiration permeability is good, increase comfort, on both sides of the waist is equipped with adjustable stickers, thoughtful design, personal edition type, pocket large carrying capacity, is a professional and amateur pilot flying enthusiasts essential, also can be used for submarines and armored vehicles driving personnel, the former has a built-in zippers, arm tool bag, have breast pocket and leg bag, all with zipper closure, sleeves and legs have Velcro to adjust size, legs side zipper.
Aramid fabric is gradually carbonized to absorb heat when exposed to fire, ensuring that the wearer will not be burned within 12 seconds.5% aramid 1414 mainly plays the role of increasing wear resistance to tear performance, and another 2% conductive fiber fiber, mainly plays the role of antistatic.
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Flame retardant
The limit oxygen index is greater than 28%, which belongs to the refractory fiber, so it will not burn in air, nor does it support combustion, and has self-extinguishing property.
Electrical insulation, chemical stability
Excellent electrical insulation can be maintained under high temperature, low temperature and high humidity.It is resistant to corrosion, hydrolysis and steam corrosion of mostly high concentrated inorganic acids and other chemicals.
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