light chemical protective clothing, simple chemical protection clothing

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Product Overview


light chemical protective clothing,  simple chemical protection clothing

Product Description


Built-in heavy-duty fire protection clothing is one of the fireman's protective clothing,It is a protective garment that firefighters wear to protect themselves from dangerous chemicals or corrosive substances when they are engaged in fire fighting and rescue at fire and accident sites.Meanwhile,it is widely used in chemical industry, smelting, municipal, communications, papermaking and other places.The fire-fighting chemical protection suit is made of brocade silk cloth with flame retardant treatment and double-sided coating with flame retardant and chemical protection adhesive. It adopts rubberized fabric as the main material,which can maintain good strength and only produces carbonization, doesn't drip in case of fire.By fit - sewing - strip technology made into clothing body and gloves, and with flame retardant, anti-chemical, voltage resistance, puncture-resistant boots to form a complete set of clothing.



1. Flame retardant anti-chemical adhesive performance:

The thickness of the fabric


Tensile strength

No less than 450N/5cm

Tear strength(Trapezoidal method of warp and weft.)



Thermal aging resistance

(125℃×24h) non-stick, Not brittle


Cold-resistant  property

(-25℃×5min fold 180°) flawless

Gasoline resistance

(Dip 120 # gasoline 30s)  flawless, non-stick


Tear strength



Acid and alkali resistance

10mm liquid column lh (80%H2S04, 60%HN03, 30%HCL. 6.1 M01 / LNA0H) impermeable

Flame retardation

Afterburning time ≤2s, flame retardant time ≤10s, damage length ≤10cm, no droplet

Fabric resistance to radiant heat penetration

(1 Kw/M2 x 30S surface temperature rise) 25°C



2. Anti-corrosion shoe performance

Electric insulation performance of the boot bottom


Puncture resistance of sole


Boot waterproof performance

soaked 2h, no seepage


3. Chemical protective clothing performance

Adhesive strength of adhesive strip

Not less than 0.78 KN/M

Anti-water leakage performance

5 3L/min nozzles wash 15min non-leakage

chemical protective clothing air tight type

1650PA±50Pa 6Min pressure drop 300Pa

The overall weight




4.Main component performance

Overpressure exhaust valve performance:Air tightness &15S, ventilation resistance 78-118pa

Ventilation system distribution valve performance:Maximum air supply >30L/min, quantitative air supply 5UMin


5.Chemical protective clothing specifications






clothes length(cm)



170 -- 175

175 -- 180

Over 180


Remarks: The clothing of fire equipment is divided into simple chemical protection clothing and fully enclosed chemical protection clothing, heat preservation and rescue clothing, fire insulation clothing, fire fighting clothing and so on. The image above is a simple chemical protection clothing.


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