1320nm 1470nm DTY Laser Safety Glasses for ND:YAG laser protection

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Product Overview


Laser safety glasses is very necessary for a laser power even 5mw, they are extensively used in the field of laser alignment, laser medical treatment, Laser industry etc. 

VY engaged in Laser safety products develop and research, and we can supply you laser safety glasses ,laser safety window , the protection wavelength from 200nm~10600nm, wavelength covers 405nm purple, 450nm and 473nm blue, 520nm 532nm green ,635nm 660nm red , and infrared beam 808nm,980nm, 1064nm, 1070nm and 1080nm, CO2 laser and 10600nm laser protection . Those laser safety products we offered hold the features of high Optical density and good VLT. All our products meet with European CE standard EN207:1998+A1:2002, and we have CE certificate.
* Picture show of DTY laser safety glasses goggles

Protection Range
800 - 1700nm
Suitable Laser Wavelength
808nm,980nm,1064nm, 1320nm, 1470nm etc.
Optical Density
800 - 1700nm OD 4+
900 - 1100nm OD 5+

LB -Rating
800 - 1400nm DIR LB4
1400 - 1700nm DI LB3

Semiconductor and ND:YAG laser protection
Pictures of laser safety glasses we produced
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