PPE Silica Gel Full Face Respirator Masks ST-S100-2 Chemical Gas Mask

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PPE Silica Gel Full Face Respirator Masks ST-S100-2 Chemical Gas Mask


PPE Silica Gel Full Face Respirator Masks ST-S100-2 Chemical Gas Mask
Grey+ Blue
Silica Gel or Rubber
1 Set/Box, 12 Boxes/Carton;
 Carton Size: 51*42*44cm; Carton Weight: About 10kg
According to the different types of posion gas and dust
P-A-2,     P-B-2,     P-E-2,    P-K-2,     P-H2S-2,      Z-B-P2-2
Three interfaces: 3M interface, RD40 interface, round interface
Harness Type
5 Point
Can prevent various organic gases, such as formaldehyde, gasoline, ether, suitable for spray paint, oil, machinery, polishing,
dust and other workplaces
A. The silica gel gas mask made by high grade silica gel, endure the aging , avoiding allergy, durable , easy to clean. 
B.Double-folded the silica gel structure enhanced air tightness and face fitness 
C. The dual headphone with adjustable straps design more comfortable to wear 
D. Push type and replaceable cartridge 
E. The unique audio device, allowing you to disseminate the messages more clear.

1. silicone material, comfortable and durable
2.Full face adhesion protection, close to the face.

3.wide field of vision, anti-fog lens.
4.Double suction valve for smoother exhalation

5. Ultra-light full face gas mask, weighing only 437g.
6.five piont headwear, easy to wear.

7. comvenient communication, sound device.
8. Complimentary replacement parts

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1 Set/Box, 12 Boxes/Carton; Carton Size: 51*42*44cm; Carton Weight: About 10kg

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hydrocyanic acid, cyanogen chloride, hydrogen arsenide,phosgene, diphosgene, chloropicrin,benzene, dichloromethane, Lewis gas,mustard gas,
phosphine, etc.
organic gases and vapors: benzene, chlorine, acetone,alcohols, aniline, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride, trichloromethane,bromomethane, potassium chloride,nitromethane, bitter chloride, etc.
Organic amine compounds - Ammonia

Anti Carbon monoxide
acid gas and steam: sulfurdioxide, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide,oxides of nitrogen, phosgene, phosphorus and organic pesticidescontaining chlorine, etc.

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