Powered Air Purifying Respirator powered air purifying respirator Air Blower Mining Safety Helmet

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Application

The powered respirator is used for dust removal and partial odor removal, not for gases or vapors and is used to reduce or remove resistance to inhalation during respiration by producing a constant airflow. The unit is designed with manufacturer's minimum design flow rate 170 litres, 210 litres or 250 litres per minute (the flow rate at which the equipment still will fulfill the requirements of the class in EN12941). The actual working time will be about 8 hours .

Main Features

The unit supplies an overcapacity of clean and filtered ambient air, which is fed to mask. It allows the user to breathe in air without himself having to overcome the resistance of the filter. Considering that an adult person requires some 50 litres of air per minute, the overcapacity ensures an overpressure and thus a high degree of protection.

With a fully charged battery the unit will operate for about 8 hours. The unit contains a warning facility to warn the user against reduced air supply, due to clogged filter or low battery.

Detailed Images

Blower unit

Airflow: 170 L/min,210L/min,250L/min adjustable
Motor Speed: Electronically controlled
Alarms: Electronically controlled, for low flow and
Low battery
Material: Impact proof ABS
Color: Black/orange
Weight (incl.filter. battery and hose): 1080 grams
Dimensions LxWxH:165x95x200mm

Rechargeable battery

Type: Lithium,rechargeable
Voltage: 12 Volt
Capacity: 5200 mAh
Operating time: HI:7 Hours,MI:9 Hours,Lo:11 Hours
Charging time: 3 hrs
Charging cycles: ﹥500
Material case: Impact proof ABS
Color: Black
Weight: 350 grams
Dimensions: 137x50x72 mm

Battery charger, fully automatic.

Type: Fully automatic, overcharge protection

Primary voltage: 100-240 v, 50/60 Hz
Secondary voltage: 12.6 Volt
Material case: Noryl
Color: Black
Weight: 200 g
Dimensions: 110x48x30 mm


Filter class: P3
Material filter medium: Efficient filtering low resistance papers
Material support disks: ABS
Color: Black
Weight: 90 grams
Dimension(DxH): ø120x38mm

Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support. 

* Sample testing support. 

* View our Factory.

After-Sales Service

* Training how to instal the PAPR, training how to use the PAPR. 

* Engineers available to service PAPR overseas.

Packing & Delivery
30cm (L) * 28cm (W) * 22cm (D)
1.2 kg

Packaging Details
The normal package is carton box(Size: 30L*28W*22H). 
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