Chemical-proof Coverall Suit workwear gas tight Protective Suit chemical protective clothing

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Chemical-proof Coverall Suit workwear gas tight Protective Suit chemical protective clothing

Product Description


FFY03 Connected anti-virus clothing of coat with a hat and trousers. The placket of the coat and trousers is designed to prevent poison leakage specially ,so when wearing the protective clothing ,try to keep it neat ,and adjust the elastic to let the trouser-legs dovetail.

Use Condition and Time Limit

When the temperature is lower than 20°C, the protective clothing does not increase the physical strength consume of users, and the gas defense capability does not loss easily,so it can has a long wearing time, but in the hot summer,the wearing time should be shorten in order to ease the physical strength consume of users and to protect the good performance of the protective clothing.


Mainly applicable to the following occasions:

1. Atomic bomb test explosion.

2. Exhaust gases from combustion of High Energy Fuels, anti-missile liquid propellant and high-energy fuel.

3. Operators of oxidizing and burning agents shall wear them in injection and transfer operation occasions.

4. Carbon monoxide, phosgene, sarin, mustard gas, etc.

5. Warm-proof and alkali-proof under special occasions.

6. Prevent nuclear radiation adhesion.

7. Maintenance of grain depots, chemical plants and urban construction (sewers).

8. Air-tight, dustproof, waterproof, moisture-proof and sand-proof.

9. It is also widely used in camping training, downhole oilfields, fishermen salvage and so on.

10. The chemical protective clothing manufactured by our factory can also integrate the functions of anti-virus, flame-retardant, anti-static, heat preservation, acid-alkali resistance and radiation protection, so that it has comprehensive performance and meets the special requirements of users in different industries and environments.

II. Maintenance

1. When the protective clothing is contaminated with harmful poisons or other dirt, it should be washed with neutralizing liquid and water immediately after operation, and dried inside and outside to avoid corrosion, damage and mildew.

2. Do not touch sharp objects when using and cleaning chemical protective clothing. In order to avoid mechanical damage.

3. When protective clothing and gloves are stored, a layer of talc powder should be rubbed on the outside.

4. Protective clothing should be folded neatly, packed and stored, and not extruded.

5. Storage of protective clothing requires drying without organic solvent vapor.

6. The storage period is seven years.


III. Choice and Matching of Clothing

Protective clothing is divided into three sizes: large, medium and small (1, 2, 3), large 180 cm-185 cm (43#44) medium 175 cm (41-42) small 170 cm-175 cm (30-40).

Four, highlights

High quality chloroprene rubber material is suitable for wearing in medium and high concentration chemical environment. It is flexible and wearable, and has good performance in cold and hot environment.

Wedge design, Ninong buckle closed, double cover, in line with human engineering, easy to wear off;

Elastic cuffs and trousers feet, good sealing performance;

It has the function of strong acid and alkali resistance and is suitable for different working environments.

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OEM Service
Our Service:

1.Folliowing a strict production shedule to sure on-time deliveries.

2.OEM orders welcome.

3.Can come to sample processing,Can undertake large quantities of emergency order.

4.Undertake to build production line services.

5.Have a good reputation and after-sale system.

6.Sample order in stock, and bulk production depends on quantity

7.You can pay for the order via:T/T,L/C.

8.We have strong cooperation with DHL.TNT.EMS. You also can choose your own shipping forwarder.


Our Promise:

1.Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 24hrs.

2.Well-trained and experienced staffs to answer all your enquires .

3.OEM&ODM, any your customized products we can help you to design and put into product.

4.Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information

5.Before complete the products,we'll send the picture to customer,and we will test the products' quality also.


Packaging & Shipping




Q1. Are you the manufacturer or the trading company?

We are the direct manufacturer.

Q2. Why we choose you? what is your strength?
We are experienced and professional, we offer high quality products, perfect services and competitive price.

Q3. What is your delivery time?
Normally, after your deposit, we could finish the production within 7-30days.

Q4. What is your payment methods?
T/T, L/C, Paypal, West Union, Cash

Q5. About the samples terms:
The samples cost and freight need to be covered by you.
We will refund when you place the formal order according to sample cost and the totalamount of the order.

Q6. Can you customize the products as per our requests?
Yes, we offer OEM and ODM services.
a. Silk Print Logo on the product
b. Customeized products housing
c. Customized packing.
d..Can come to sample processing,Can undertake large quantities of emergency order.

Q7. After Sale Service:
a. All products will have been strictly Quality Control in workshop before packing.
b. All products will be well packed before shipping.


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