NBC Protective Clothing Chemical Suit cbrn protective clothing

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Product Overview


Product Description


SP3000 is a lightweight, gas-tight suit designed to provide protection and performance in the most hostile of chemical and biological environments. It is a one-piece clothing with boots connected. This suit is made of flame retardant material which is strong and durable. It provides excellent protection against hazardous gas and liquid.

SP3000 can be used in industrial environment, health service, pharmaceuticals, fire service, petrochemicals etc.


Technical specification




CWA vapour protection

> 24h  

Air permeability   

500 l/s.m²

Water-vapour resistance (Ret)

< 7 m².Pa/W  









Durability :

Ø  Shelf life guarantee in its original bag : 10 years

Ø  Out-of-bag life : 1 year

Ø  Wear time : 10 utilizations

Ø  Washability: 40°C – Dry at 60°C : 10 washing cycles

Ø  Re-usable as training suit (only if not contaminated)

Ø  The chemical protective undergarment must be worn with adapted CBRN hood, CBRN mask and canister, CBRN gloves and CBRN socks.



Air permeable filter fabric based on activated carbon spheres.


Optimised interface management:

Elastic at the end of the sleeves and trousers for optimal management of the interfaces.


Maximum Ergonomics:

One piece close-fitting undergarment.

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