Cosmetology Patient Cover Protect From UV to IR laser safety security glasses

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We provide quality laser safety glasses, laser protective eyewear, laser protective glasses for 200~540nm, 600~700nm, 800 ~1100nm, 2700~3000nm, 10600nm, and IPL eyewear, and laser cosmetology eyewear for patients. The goggles we manufactured are made of high polymer and laser absorber, with high performance, and fully meet EN207.

Protection Wavelength: From UV to IR
OD: 8+
Color: Black, White, Red
VLT: 0%

1 PCS/Plastic Box

Laser safety glasses protect against lasers and fall into three primary categories/material:
1. Polycarbonate
2. Glass
3. Dielectric Coated
Below is a table to display generalize trade-offs of different laser safety glasses and goggles:


The 10-Frame Fit-over is our best-selling frame by a decisive margin - it is typically the most economical solution for labs looking to buy laser eyewear that will fit everyone reducing expense for individual-specific protective eyewear. In almost all situations that are not atypical (for e.g.; fitting eyewear underneath a face shield etc.), this frame is highly recommended when the choice is polycarbonate glasses.

35-Frame Spectacle fits large heads and faces. Fits over most standard prescription glasses. Pros include high comfort and side-protection with a wide view of vision. This is our second most popular frame and is our best option for Glass and Dielectric-Coated glasses.

To understand what laser safety glasses to purchase, the most important parameter is your laser's wavelength (or wavelength
range). Often, a laser has two wavelengths affiliated with it:
The aiming beam wavelength - the aiming beam is typically "eye safe" | depicted in the image below as red
The operating beam wavelength - the operating beam requires proper laser safety protection | depicted in the image below as green

The aiming beam is to aid the user in positioning the operating laser beam. Generally, the aiming beam will be low powered and typically red. A common use case for an aiming beam is a laser pointer.
Below we've illustrated what the laser safety lens fundamentally needs to accomplish for proper laser safety:

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