Diver stainless steel anti cut resistant clothes

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Product Overview


Diver stainless steel anti cut resistant clothes have been designed and produced to protect the user of hand knives and/or similar tools against injuries like cuts and stabs etc. e.g. carcass deboning,processing of plastic,leather,wood and similar materials.The stainless steel metal gloves will help to prevent accidents and provide protection of those parts of the hand and arm covered by the metal mesh. 

Our Stainless steel 304L 316L chainmail body protection provide extensive coverage for the chest, torso and legs. Other features include adjustable back and side straps for a secure fit. And what is more, this type steel mesh apron always used together with stainless steel mesh gloves. We also offer generalized size and also can do as customers real need. 

Body protection chainmail anti shark suit
304L 306L Stainless steel 
55 cm, 60 cm
60 cm, 65 cm, 70 cm, 75 cm, 80 cm
bag then carton 
Offers superior protection for critical areas of the chest and torso,anti-shark
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Diver stainless steel anti cut resistant clothes

1 piece per box, then 20 boxes per carton provides the ultimate protection while working with sharp knives. Zhong he ring mesh safety products produce and offer the largest range of Chain mesh aprons in China with an option that will fit all possible scenarios. Each stainless steel ring in the mesh is plasma welded to provide maximum strength and a more hygienic product. All aprons come with a Food grade, adjustable TPU strap that is fully adjustable and designed for durability, comfort and ease of use. All of the fittings on the aprons are of the same high quality stainless steel as the rest of the apron and are designed to enable the user to get a perfect fit for his or her own apron.


For Diver stainless steel anti cut resistant clothes , normally 1 piece glove will accompany with 1 piece tighter.

1 piece per box, then 20 boxes per carton


Diver stainless steel anti cut resistant clothes

Diver stainless steel anti cut resistant clothes is Used for slaughter houses,Used for fish and shellfish processing,Poultry processing,Large-scale public canteens,Supermarkets,Plastic,leather processing,Textile,Tailoring and paper industry,Wood processing,Glass processing,

Laboratory containment,Security,police,public security ,anti shark and other fields.
Product Test

Diver stainless steel anti cut resistant clothes 

In order to guarantee the quality and satisfy our customers, each glove will be strictly inspected and tested before shipping.

There are several factors were be involved in the inspection and testing process of our ring mesh gloves.

1, wire materials purchasing.

Only work with regular and legal wire factory. and Also Wire test report is required each time. To promise 100% stainless steel wire 304L.

2, the steel mesh fabric making

After the wire welded to ring mesh fabric, each ring must be inspected and tested. Not only the welded point must be perfect but also the fabric must be uniform. We assure the drawing force can up to at least 200N.

Body protection chainmail anti shark suit inspection and testing

Before packing, each Stainless steel chainmail Apron for protectiving body must be strictly inspected and tested. Not only the apron should be strong, beautifully but also comfortable for body.

Our Company


Anping County ZhongHe ring mesh safety products Co., Ltd is one of the world-leading suppliers of PPE ring mesh products manufactured in stainless steel to the highest standards. The parent company Zhong He Group has more than 20 years' history in environmental safety and protection. The company and factory located in Anping county, Hebei Province( 2 hours drive from Beijing).


We have invested heavily to import German advanced ring mesh producing equipment and technology. We devoted ourselves to build world first class stainless steel ring mesh safety and protection products at everyone affordable cost.

What is more, our ring mesh protection products were designed and produce according to human engineering. Not only safe but also easy to wear and let you be comfortable even after long time wearing. The ring mesh safety products were widely used beasts and birds meat processing and garments making industrial and so on.


Zhonghe ring mesh safety products have been tested and approved by CE,LFGB, etc.

We also brought in most advanced processing, welding and polishing equipment's.

We also have our own continuous innovation machinery technology study team


A, Can Diver stainless steel anti cut resistant clothes   be repaired ?

Our Cut Resistant anti bite Stainless Steel Mesh Shark Suits were made from stainless steel wire 304AL materials. Compared with other materials apron, our this Body protection stainless steel wire mesh at a little higher cost. But also it has a unbeatable performance, not only the comfort degree, but also the cut resistant effects and service time. Take the cost into consideration, customers hope can have a longer service time.So here we promise that we will offer 90 days free repairing service if the gloves were damaged under normal use. After free repairing service date, we will ask for payments according the damaged area. 
B, What is your normal payments?

Due to theBody protection chainmail anti shark suit normally come in small quantity with not very high value, that Stainless steel cut resistant T-shirt mostly delivered by express line. Then we normally asked for full payments before the delivery.

The most we do is 30% deposit in advance, then 70% balance against T/T, or PAYPAL or WEST UNION,

C, what is your delivery time?

Due to we have more than 30 products with nearly 100 skilled workers and 24 working hours all the year, we have huge stock on hands, normally within 3-5 days we can send the gloves if without special packing and special size.

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