part of self-saving air breathing apparatus respirator

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part of self-saving air breathing apparatus respirator

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  Product Name   part of self-saving air breathing apparatus respirator
  Material   Steel
  Volume   6.8L/9L
Gross weight   21kg
New function   With digital gauge
Usage   Fire safety
Application   Fire fighting emergency rescue
Certificate   ISO/CCS/EC/MED/SOLAS
Packing   Box package
Keyword   Breathing







1,It has high temperature resistance, flame retardant, insulation, anti-corrosion, waterproof, light weight, good air tightness and other performance; technical performance meets the requirements of "positive pressure fire air breathing apparatus" GA124-2013, passed CCCF mandatory certification (certificate number: 2015081808000192 ), obtained the national fire equipment quality supervision and inspection center test report (certificate number: Zb2015Z0026, Zb2015Z0027).

2,Gas cylinder water volume: 6.8L/9L, working pressure 30Mpa, pressure reducer output pressure: 0.5~0.9 Mpa, service life is not less than 15 years, alarm pressure: 5.5±0.5 MPa, continuous sound time is greater than 15s, use after alarm The time is greater than 10 minutes.

3,The gas cylinder is made of Luxe full-wound carbon fiber composite material: the inner liner is made of high-strength, anti-corrosion treatment and light weight aluminum alloy material. The cylinder valve is designed for the right hand and has a self-locking function. The bottle is fluorescently illuminated and self-illuminating in the dark. Optional sewing orange-red flame retardant gas cylinder sleeve with 3M reflective strip.

4,The mask is a spherical full-field mask. The face screen has anti-fog and anti-scratch function. No fog is generated under any environment. The mask and skin contact parts are made of silicone material, KEVLAR material head net, fixed by 5 points. Three-dimensional spherical window, the field of view is more than 91%. The optical performance of the window is excellent, the transmittance is high, and the temperature does not appear to be rigid or hardened at -40°. The window is a large eye window, the total field of view retention rate is not less than 79%, the binocular field of view retention rate is not less than 65%, and the lower field of view is not less than 35 degrees.

5,The air supply valve is provided with a throttle switch, which does not need to be positioned to quickly connect the mask, and can be rotated 360°. The air supply valve is connected to the streamlined outer casing directly under the mask, which is beautiful and elegant, does not block the line of sight, has small resistance of the manual closing valve, small opening force and small respiratory resistance. Breathing comfort, with manual forced air supply button to ensure safe air supply, the shell is made of flame retardant high-strength engineering plastic.

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