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Product Overview


Product Description

 Factory manufacture esd antistatic t shirt with good breathability


Static dissipative ESD smock for use in EPA (Electrostatic Discharge Protected Area)

Popular fabric : TC125G,TC156G5,TC156G4,TC156GD4 ( see below table )

3/4&1/2 Unisex Design

Unisex Design 

Easy snap fastening(hidden nickel free snaps) 

Nickel free snaps. 

One breast pocket with ESD logo 

Two hip pockets 

Size S, M, L, XL, 2XL available 

Standard color: White, Sky blue, Blue, Can customize all color at Moq 500pcs 

Surface resistance :106~109Ohm 

Special design, sizes, colors and embroidery are available upon request Available in all woven fabric types




More details for the esd cloths


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C0101   All in one cleanroom lab coat

Suitable wear in Cleanroom (Class100-Class1000)


C0102  3/4  cleanroom  lab coat 

64% polyester  33% cotton   3% conductive fiver

Very comfortale and  soft 

Absorb sweat breathe freely


C0102-2 type   Blue color  ESD Cotton Lab coat   

 Convenient  for working




C0112 new arrival   ESD lab coat (Most popular in Canada)



C0806 ESD apron   (Customized  type, we can do any size you want)


C0116   ESD Winter cloths lab coat






Our Services

13 years factory in ESD,cleanroom products area


 >Product Series: Packing: ESD bag,box,ESD tray,warning tape,ESD component box

>ESD&CLEANROOM Equiptment:ESD chair/Desk.ESD cart,ESD rack

>Cleanroom consumables:cleanroom garment/fabric,sticky mat,wiper,shoes,finger cots,face mask,etc

>Antistatic products:wrist strap,rubber mat,tweezers,esd brush


Provide the best professional esd products project to you.


 esd products.jpg 

Our factory have a professtional team provide one stop station service from design to manufacture 

1. Clients send us inquiry or customize demand---->

2.  we side design the original drawings or sample---->

3. client comfirm then mass production







Precautions of ESD Personal anti-static products


 In order to eliminate all unnecessary sources of static electricity, the workers in the static sensitive area should strictly comply with the following requirements for anti-static control. The following is a summary of the specifications for human anti-static systems.

Anti-static overalls, anti-static hats, anti-static shoes and other products belong to the human body anti-static products, in order to prevent the accumulation of static electricity in the human body, to eliminate static electricity generated by the body's high insulation performance clothing and accessory products.

1. Anti-static clothing:

       Persons entering the anti-static area must wear anti-static tops and anti-static pants or anti-static large smocks as required. It is strictly forbidden to wear general synthetic fiber overalls. The anti-static clothing must be replaced in the locker room. It is not allowed to wear or take off the anti-static clothing in the ESD area. It is forbidden to attach or wear metal objects or decorations that are not related to work on the anti-static clothing. Do not pull the collar of the non-antistatic clothing out of the collar of the antistatic clothing. Do not lift the sleeves of the antistatic clothing. Do not expose the decorative items that are not related to work, such as watches and accessories, to the antistatic clothing.

Anti-static coats and jackets should be kept clean. Work clothes should be washed as simple as possible. Neutral detergent should be used to avoid strong mechanical and chemical washing.

2. Anti-static cap:

The anti-static cap should be properly worn. The hair on the front of the cap should not be exposed. The short hair of the back part of the brain should not exceed the anti-static collar.

3. Anti-static work shoes:

Workers must wear anti-static shoes and, after passing the test, can enter the static sensitive area to work.

4. Anti-static gloves:

In the work, the operating staff should wear anti-static gloves, anti-static gloves have anti-corrosion function. In the case of inconvenient use of corded anti-static wristbands, such as mobile operations, anti-static gloves must be used. For seated operation, a wristband must be worn. When the anti-static gloves are dirty, they should be cleaned in time. Usually, the service life of the gloves is one month. In the case of less pollution, the maximum service life is no more than two months.

5. Anti-static wrist strap:

       Enter the static sensitive area and connect the anti-static ring to the skin to ensure normal and effective operation of the anti-static ring. How to wear the wristband: Put the wristband on the wrist, do not loosen it, and feel the wrist around it. Ensure that the electrostatic ground wire is directly grounded.



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