Factory cheaper esd working clothes Antistatic overcoat

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Factory cheaper esd working clothes Antistatic overcoat

Anti-static overcoat
Groundable static control garment system.
Allows operators and smock to be bonded or electrically connected to ground to prevent ESD events in ESD Protected Areas. 2% conductive carbon fiber woven in chain-link design.
Provides continuous and consistent charge dissipation throughout lifetime of smock.
Creates Faraday cage effect around operator.
Shields ESD charges from operators' clothing from damaging ESD sensitive devices.
Panel to panel conductivity.
Prevents isolated charged conductor in ESD Protected Area .

1) 35% cotton+63% polyester+2% conductive fiber,
98% polyester+2% conductive fiber
2) Yarn: 100D*100D
3) Gram weight: 125g
4) Wrap density: 68/cm
5) Colors available: white, green, light blue, royal blue, light grey and etc
6) Surface resistance: 10e6-10e8 Ohm or 10e7-10e9 Ohm
7) Permeability to air: 75cm3/cn2/sec
8) Static voltage: 23v
9) Friction voltage: 110v
10) Electrified capacity: 0.35μC/m2
11) Static decay: <0.4s
12) Durability: 50 washings
13) Customization is available 

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