Workplace Safety Workwear Cryogenic Protective Clothing Cryo Suit

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Low Temperature Protective Clothing

Material: waterproof breathable composite, low temperature cotton, textile lining, polyester pongee.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Features:Adopt multilayer imported anti low temperature composite material, through the precision of the production process of sealing process, suitable for personnel in the extreme cold environment to wear, effective defense -170 ℃ to -250℃
Application: Bio pharmaceutical, cables, low temperature test box, building materials, metal casting cold treatment, low temperature gas transportation, research laboratory, frozen food processing and any other prevention extremely cold places (cryogenic environment special). 

Liquid Nitrogen Cryogenic Protective Gloves

Material: waterproof breathable composite, low temperature cotton, textile lining, polyester pongee.
Features: applicable temperature range for 160 to 250℃. lightweight, soft, durable, extremely flexible. 
Sizes: 38 cm, 48cm, 58cm, 68cm

Application: Protect hands and arms against ultra-cold temperatures when working with LN2, ultra-low temperature freezers, blast freezers,dry ice and in coldrooms; Also for handling with LNG (liquefied natural gas), liquid helium, and liquid oxygen in enclosed systems.

Low Temperature Resistance Protective Shoes

Material: low temperature silicon rubber, composite material, cold proof cotton; Sizes: 37-45 yards;
Features: superior heat injury protection; waterproof, breathable, lightweight, comfortable to wear; operating flexibility high.

Low Temperature Resistance Protective HelmetMaterial: waterproof breathable composite, low temperature cotton, textile lining, polyester pongee
Features: the multi-layer composite material, through a sophisticated production process, better protect the head from low-temperature damage.
Application: used in research laboratories, industrial areas, anti liquid nitrogen splashing, frozen food processing and cryogenic grinding and any other prevention of extreme cold. 

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