3MM Thickness Reusable Washable Silicone Sticky Mat

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Product Overview


Product Description

Silicone sticky mat is the perfect solution for preventing self-contamination. The soft and thick Polyurethane Gel’s strong adhesive power effectively collects dirt and dust particles from the bottom of shoe soles. Unlike conventional disposable sticky mats, silicone sticky mat’s elastic gel-like surface effectively gets into the tiny grooves of shoe soles to remove contaminates.


Silicone sticky mat can be used at the entrance of clean rooms, inside air shower booths, for cleaning trolley wheels, and other non-proliferation of self-contamination applications. Simply place at the desired location.


This Eco-friendly product is truly “REUSABLE”, so it’s an efficient and cost-effective solution when compared to the conventional disposable “peel-off” sticky mats that require a yearly running cost. The silicone sticky mat can last up to three years and literally pay for itself over a short period of time.


Technical Specifications:

Standard Size:  18" x 36"  24”X36”  26”X45”(other sizes can be customized)

Thickness: 3mm

Material: Polyurethane gel (Silicone)

Heat Resistance:  -22 to 176 F (-30 to 80)

Approx. Load Resistance:  up to 800lb/in²  (363kg/in²)

Tensile Strength: 200 lb/in2   (91kg/in²)

Tear Resistance:  175 lb/in²   (80kg/in²) 

Standard Color:  Blue

Washable times: more than 5000 times

Lifetime: more than 2 years

How to use the mats

 The silicone sticky mat simply cleans with water or neutral detergent or alcohol! When the mat becomes dirty, the operator can easily clean off the surface with water using a mop, a squeegee, or a damp cloth. The adhesive power returns once the mat is fully dried. It’s that easy! Also, since it’s washable and does not need to be “peel-off”, there’s less chance of re-distributing accumulated dust.




1. Soft material: washable silicon sticky mat very smooth with microscopic surface, which can easily adhesive surface in contact with different size dust, in particular, the bottom shoe and a small depression uneven parts of the wheels.

2. Good tread compound: washable silicon sticky mat maintained highly viscous dust after prolonged use, there will be no sticky feeling on the bottom of shoes and small wheel. Not produce residual pollution particles after using, clean area to avoid secondary pollution.

3. Easy clean: washable silicon sticky mat clean by water or alcohol. Environmentally friendly materials, easy recycling, natural degradation

4. Non-toxic materials, environmental protection, and good results in actual use, without any side effects.


 Semiconductor Factories

    Electronics Manufacturing

    Precision Instrument Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing

    Packaging Material Plants

Printing Industry

Painting Industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Medical Care Facilities

and much more!

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