Scotts Prices Self-Contained Air Breathing Apparatus

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Scotts Prices Self-Contained Air Breathing Apparatus




  1.Breathing Apparatus SCBA is used for personal safety protection in serious pollution or oxygen deficient atmosphere that is IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health), or any environment that is unknown or has unknown levels of contaminants. SCBA is a device worn by rescue workers, firefighters, and others to provide breathable air in a hostile environment.


  2.Breathing apparatus SCBA can be widely used in the industries of petroleum, chemical, fire protection, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, military, public security and so on.





1. The use of the light carbon fiber bottle makes it achieve the advantages of good strength, light weight safe and reliable quality.
2. The mask: Visibility of over 96%, with spherical vision and it is dual anti-fog, anti-shock and high temperature resistant.
3. A variety of components are available for replacement.
4. Streamlined backplane can make the burden distributed to the waist.
5. Relief valve:

   1.)large output.

   2.)Compatible with other respirator products .
   3.)Alarm rated at over 90 dB, making it clearly audible in a noisy environment.
)Standard fluorescent pressure gauge, waterproof, and shockproof.

   5.)Vest made of Aramid Fiber Fabric, high temperature and robust performance.
   6.)Air flow to user at over 500 lpm.



RHZKF 6.8/30

RHZKF 6.8/30

Cylinder volume

6.8 L  


Rated working pressure

30 MPa

30 MPa

Cylinder Capacity

2040 L

600 L

Inhalation resistance

≤500 Pa

≤500 Pa

Exhalation resistance

 ≤1000 Pa

 ≤1000 Pa

Alarming pressure

5.5±0. 5 MPa   

5.5±0. 5 MPa   

Rated service time

50-68 min

15-20 min

Alarm Sounds



Working pressure




≤ 10.0kg



1.Open the cylinder valve, the high pressure air will enter the pressure reducer to be reduced to the appropriate pressure;at the same time the pressure gauge indicates the pressure of gas cylinder 

2.Compressed air after decompression quick joints into the positive pressure air supply valve by medium voltage soft pipe.

3.When we inhale,the supply valve opens and when we exhale,it will close.

4.The supply valve provides air to the mask according to the inspiratory capacity of the wearers and the air will be inhaled into human lungs.

5.The supply valve keeps the full mask positive pressure in the whole process of wearing.

6.When we exhale, the supply valve will close and the expiratory valve will open, the foul smell exhaled by users is directly discharged into the atmosphere through the exhalation valve on the mask .Thus the gas is always flowing in one direction without reverse.












1) The new design and new materials are provided as your requirements;
2) We are pleased to be given a test order;
3) The OEM services are available;
4) One-stop service: Satisfy what you want;


If you have design want to make, we can do as follows:        

1) You send us your design (samples or pictures or some ideas), so that we could know what you want exactly;

2) We make the samples for you then send you the pictures and samples by express;
3) As soon as you receive the samples and approve to us (if any changes we will follow them), then you can place the order to us;



Q. How long is your warranty period?

A:Total free warranty service of Starye products is one-year(Artificial damage and incorrect use is not included).


Q. If there are some problems with the equipment, can you guarantee that you will bear the cost of all return?

A: During warranty period, we are committed to bear all the costs for a quality problem. The fastest method is garanteed to solve the problem. 



Q:  How can I get more detail of this product?

A:  Please contact with our sales team online or drop email to export (at)


Q: Do you provide sample ?  Samples are free or not ?

A: Normally you have to pay for samples and its shipping charges, but if you have any people in China who can check the sample for you, we will offer a free sample for your ref.


Q: How to pay for a sample and its shipping cost ?

A: Alibaba payment system or Werstern Union.


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