10600nm CHP laser eye safety glasses for CO2 laser protection

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Model:CHP  10600nm

10600nm laser safety glasses

Application for :  CO2 Laser protection




Protect wavelength:  10600nm

Special for:  10600nm

O. D(optical density):  10600nm O.D 6+  

V. L. T(visible light transmission) > 80%

L-Rating:    10600nm DI L3

According: EN207:2009

Application:  CO2 Laser protection


How can I find suitable laser safety glasses?

* Choose a comfortable frame
Selecting a frame in terms of its weight, shape, and size to meet your individual needs is extremely important. We consider the user's individual needs and provide comfortable eyewear with a fashionable design that can be worn for a long stretch of time. There is four frames style for your selection as above, Frame 33/36/52/55.

* VLT (Visible Light Transmittance)
In visible light, the attenuation of light by a filter is defined as visible light transmittance. According to ANSI Z136.7, the
testing of VLT is determined by a standard light source. If VLT is less than 20%, users should remain in a light area and ensure their working environment has extra illumination. The higher the transmittance, the better the visual view.

* Choose the relevant wavelength
The laser safety glasses cannot be used against other wavelengths of lasers other than those mentioned. For more details, please consult with the manufacturer for the most suitable glasses.

* Choose a high OD protection level
OD laser filters were designed to reduce specific wavelengths into the eyes while allowing some normal light to pass through the eye. This absorption or filtering capability of the lens is expressed via OD, which is the attenuation of light through the optical filter.


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We provide quality laser safety glasses, laser protective eyewear, laser protective glasses for 200~540nm, 600~700nm, 800 ~1100nm, 2700~3000nm, 10600nm, IPL eyewear, and laser cosmetology eyewear for patients. The goggles we manufactured are made of high polymer and laser absorber, with high performance, and fully meet EN207, EN208.




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