Wholesale ESD Lab Hooded Anti Static Jumpsuit Coverall Durable Uniform Food Processing Plant Work Clothes safety working clothes

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Product Overview


1, To protect workers from the damage of electrostatic charge.
2, Use anti-static clean fabrics, the fabrics by the 98% polyester fiber and 2% of conductive fiber, can effectively prevent electrostatic generation
3, The static, dust, chemical material with good resist force, is a category in the 100-10000 dust-free workshop, clean room use
and design.
4, Suitable for electronic, semiconductor, biological, pharmaceutical, food and other industries .
5, Accord with standard of anti-static, professional equipment testing the surface resistance in 10 ^ (6) ~ 10 ^ 9 Ω.

Elastic waist design, flexible movement, no binding, comfortable and breathable fabric.
Can customize the company logo, good fabric, comfortable to wear.

Elastic design of hands.
Flexible wrist movement.
Foot tightness design.
Wear to take off the convenient.

Ear mesh breathable and comfortable.
Wear to take off the convenient.

Product name
Antistatic onesies
98% polyester fiber + 2% epitropic fibre
0.25 stripe(Strong anti-static fabric)
0.5 stripe(Common anti-static fabric)

0.0165 s.