Aluminum foil composite Fireproof clothing heat insulation clothing SCBA can be worn inside

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Product Overview


Aluminum foil composite heat insulation clothing

Products Description

Material: aluminum foil high-temperature cloth
Features:it has good performance of high temperature resistant, radiation resistant, and it can be reflected 95% of calories.
Areas of application: used in steel manufacturing, metallurgy and forging industries
Packing: packed in bags

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Product Paramenters

Aluminum foil composite heat insulation clothing
Radiation reflectivity
Can reflect more than 90% of the radiant heat;
Flame retardant performance
The damaged length ≤1 cm, burning time ≤1s, smoldering time ≤2s;
Tear strength
Breaking strength
Prevent radiation high temperature

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Scope of application


1. After using,use a soft brush to dip in with neutral detergent solution, scrub the surface residual dirt, and then rinse off with clear water, soaked with water and thump are forbidden. After washing ,it should be hanged in a ventilated place to dry naturally.
2.It should be put in dry ventilated place to prevent it from mildew and pollution.
1. Although high-temperature protective clothing has excellent resistance to high temperature heat insulation performance, but not in all conditions can play the role of protector. When working close to the flame area,it can't direct contact with flames and molten metal!
2. Before using,you should inspect it clearly whether it is damaged seriously or abscission, If it has, it should be strictly prohibited for fire work!

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