Маска-респиратор с фильтром из активированного угля

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Product Overview


Product Introduction


New material best selling chemical respirator 


blister packing 

against gas,smog,paint sust 

single/double cartrid

1.Material:TPR(There is no changement along with temperature )

2.Latest product 

Product Packing

Main Products

Double filter gas mask 

 2 set gas mask with goggels


 silicone half face mask 


Company Profile

Our company is specialty in producing gas mask,dust mask,safety goggle,earmuffs,earplug,welding mask,electrode holder,helmet,
glove,hardware etc.Precise producing technology and strict managing measures.we have all safety series product and through
national standards for all testing,all our products are well selling far abroad to Europe,the USA,Middle East and many other
countries and districts.

factory show


1 – First question I have for you, have you ever was audited by an independent body to control or do you have any audit
Answer :- No, as we were doing job work in past. Hence, nobody has ever planned for any 3rd Party Audit.
2- Do you have any ISO Certification ?
Answer :- Not at present, but we are maintaining our factory according to ISO norms, and will apply for ISO Certifications, soon.
3 - What are the safety precautions that you have in terms of equipment protection, emergency exit in case of fire? `What are the
mechanisms put in place in case of evacuation emergency personnel problems? What are the evacuation plan?
Answer :- 1 is completely under Camera Surveillance. 1 Exports is fully equipped with Fire Extinguishers as per norms. Production
floor is having 2 fire exits. Assembly Point at the safest point, outside factory covered area which is near to Fire Exits.
4-In the factory again, how do you control the items that comes in and goes out. Do you have a camera system for security outside
the building or premises storage? Do you have a separate area for storage of raw material and spares. How do you identify our
brand goods with other clients. Explain with photos.
Answer :- Yes, our factory is completely equipped with camera system., outside and inside of factory premises. Yes, all the goods
that comes in and goes out is controlled with Software, with a proper dedicated store in-charge with separate storage room for
Fabric and accessories. We always allot a separate Job Number to all the production orders. Hence, all the products are stored and
issued according to jobs. This way, we always have a different identity for every order and repeat order as well.
5 – If your customer has quality issue and returns a product how do you do the traceability : How you control the quality of every
piece? How you count the number of cut pieces in order to be sure that there 's no problem.
Answer :- All our product goes through our manual checking system as below :
1.) We have inline checker , who looks after the quality inline at the time of production at the time of injection molding ,and
also make the record .
2.) we have a with QC ,who charge produce parts from injection line every day ,The qualified products can be put in storage .and
also make the record, this also helps us to know if the problem occurred is really in 1 ’s production Or in any other supplier of
3.)As per our quality norms we always submit Fit /Design Approval Sample , Pre-Production Sample and Production sample ( from
productions ), which helps us to avoid any confusion before and after productions, related to quality.
6 – To maintain healthy environment in the factory what steps you take.
Answer :every day we have 2 worker to clean the all factory after we finish work . and we also have monitoring and safe escape
light, fire training, fire hydrants, etc
7 – Insurance documents for factory and good we may supply.
Answer :- Yes, we have it but we are under process to increase the coverage value.,
8- Based on days and hours of work per week, pause and change if there are several teams. If you have 2 teams by example how to
control the continuity of good production?
Answer :- We work 8 hours only & our Factory timings are from 8:00 am To 5:00 p.m.(11:00-12:00 dining ) If any shipment is urgent,
than we allow overtime till 7:00 pm, with payment methods as per Govt. Laws. Holiday on Sunday and on Govt. Holidays.

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