Peeling cotton swab nasal Super clean room swab For Electronics Cleaning

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product details

Function Clean
Application Glue coating, touch screen, LCD, etc
Head Material Super fine dust-free cloth
Handle material Polypropylene
Head width 6.8mm
Head thickness 2.5mm
Head length 17mm
Handle width 3.3mm
Total length 163mm
Packing 100pcs/bag,100bag/box

peeling cotton swabpeeling cotton swabpeeling cotton swabpeeling cotton swab

Company Information

peeling cotton swab

Suzhou Huade Cleanroom Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2009, currently has more than 100 employees, is a professional manufacturer engaged in research and development, production and sales of dust-free wipes, dust-free purification cotton swabs. The company factory has a CLASS100 clean clean room, the introduction of dust-free cleaning equipment, testing equipment and so on, cleaning water with a purity of up to 18MEGA OHM ultrapure water, dust-free products all production processes are carried out in the dust-free room, and are all vacuum dust-proof packaging. Dust-free cloth tip and sponge tip cotton tip are our professional advantage projects, with domestic rough edge, hard edge and chip removal technology, can provide customers with surface cleaning treatment solutions. At present, domestic manufacturersphones, computers all use the cotton swabs produced by our company, which also solves customers' problems such as scratches and chip removal, greatly improving the production yield of customers. Our products are widely used in semiconductor, microelectronics, integrated circuits, precision instruments, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries. I accept all kinds of specifications of dust-free wipe bar customization, from design, drawing, mold, and then to proofing, to provide one-stop service!


peeling cotton swab

Packaging & Shipping

peeling cotton swab



Q1:Are you a manufacturer?

A1:Yes, we are a professional manufacturer engaged in r & D, production and sales of dust-free wipes, dust-free purification cotton swabs, with 12 years of manufacturing experience.  

Q2:How long can you prepare the sample?

A2:We have regular samples in stock.

Q3:How about bulk order production?

A3:We have 10 assembly lines for production, which can meet customers' needs as soon as possible.  

Q4: Do you inspect the finished products?

A4:All products shipped, we will fully check, will not let unqualified products out of the company. 

Q5:Do you have a minimum quantity?

A5:We don't set a minimum order quantity.


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