Высококачественная Антистатическая одежда QEEPO для чистых комнат, одежда esd

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Material: Filament polyester
Feature : Antistatic, Dust-proof, Durable & Reusable, Breathable & Comfortable
Color: White,Blue
Surface Resistance: 10E6-10E9 ohmn
Accessory: Zipper, Velcro, Elastic
Style : One-piece garment
Packing : 1 Set / Bag; 50 Bags/ Carton






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1. How is static electricity produced?

The generation of static electricity is due to the different objects touch each other or friction, an object and positively charged, having lost some electrons electron transfer to another object so that it is negatively charged. If the charge is difficult to neutralize during the separation of the object, the charge on the object becomes static.

2. Why does it feel like there is a small current in the battery?

Some customers will determine the quality and performance of the electrostatic eliminator based on the current size of the device, which is a false idea. The current international mainstream electrostatic eliminator is a small current shockproof type, so the electrostatic eliminator will be safer in use and will last longer. Electrostatic eliminator acusector current small because in its internal components with a current limit, make the smaller current of electric acupuncture, we will increase his output voltage at the same time, guarantee the performance of static eliminator will not weaken.

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