Esd Garment Cleanroom 0.5 strap Antistatic ESD Coat of Electronic Workshop

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ESD coat
ModelDG - 001
Brand nameMeianshijia
Application placesESD dust-free workshop, laboratory, etc
Point-to-point resistance10 ^ 6-10 ^ 9 Ω
Electric charge< 0.6 μ C
Othersupport embroidery and printed words





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1. To protect workers from the damage of electrostatic charge .

2. Use anti-static clean fabrics, the fabrics by the 98% polyester fiber and 2% of conductive fiber, can effectively prevent electrostatic generation .

3. Classical collar design, it is more convenient to wear off .

4. If necessary, can be inserted pen bag, pocket, chest.

5. The static, dust, chemical material with good resist force, is a category in the 100-10000 dust-free workshop, clean room use and design .

6. Suitable for electronic, semiconductor, biological, pharmaceutical, food and other industries .

7. Accord with standard of anti-static, professional equipment testing the surface resistance in 10 ^ (6) ~ 10 ^ 9 Ω .

8. There are other requirements, can contact miss customer service.




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