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Product Overview


* Replaceable die and pouring head
* Three colors and three flavors can be made
* PLC brand can be customized
* 10.7-inch touch screen provides data operation

* Accurate frequency conversion flow
* Stable double release mechanism
* Customizable sandwich grouting system
* Same production line as hard candy
Product Details
the hopper of depositor
Gummy depositing system
Cooling Channel
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Shanghai Junyu Food Machinery Manufacture
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Bakery & Confectionery machine turn-key service

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I have summarized the following opinions from several dimensions for your reference:

1. Our company has been making candy depositing machines for 40 years, originally designed and manufactured with reference to the equipment of BAKER PERKINS. We are familiar with making fudge depositing machines. Our company is also the first manufacturer in China to upgrade from a mechanical drive to a servo drive. It can be said that we have been operating as a leader in the industry for 40 years.

2. Since about 10 years ago, we have been involved in the health care products and pharmaceutical industries from the food industry. The cooperative manufacturers include large, medium and small food machinery factories, as well as well-known pharmaceutical and health care products industries. The market ranges from domestic, Southeast Asia, to European and American markets. There are many successful cases of turnkey projects. Especially in the past five years, there are many manufacturers of vitamin and CBD gummies in the North American market. We have also helped no less than 50 companies successfully get this project and some manufacturers have repeatedly Purchase equipment to expand production. Recently, Nestlé USA is also contacting us to prepare for this project, so we have very rich industry experience, and we are also very aware of the specific requirements of health care products and pharmaceutical companies for equipment.
3. Thanks to the high requirements of many European and American customers for equipment, we continue to improve and innovate. At present, our design and production level are completely separated from and far higher than the requirements for equipment in the food industry. The most basic thing is that our equipment can Rinse with arbitrary water or other cleaning agents (this point cannot be met at all in the previous food machinery standards). Our designs are all welded and polished in accordance with pharmaceutical standards. There are no sanitary corners, no spot welding, and electrical standards. If there are customer requirements, they are made according to UL or CSA standards. 

4. All parts of our production equipment are SUS304 or SUS316L. All parts are made on CNC lathes, machining centers, CNC gantry, laser cutting and welding and other processing equipment. The wall panels are milled on both sides. Do this The advantage is that the accuracy is guaranteed, 24/7 continuous operation is possible, the service life of each component and the whole machine is greatly extended, the operation is more stable, the operation and maintenance cost is quite low, and the equipment will not rust after decades of use , But compared with ordinary casting machines, the material cost has increased by at least 50% (the price difference between stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel and the processing methods have a large amount of excess material), and the processing cost has increased by 45-50% (ordinary machine tools and The processing methods cause differences in labor for machining centers, numerical control methods, and different processing procedures and methods). The key parts such as pouring punches and punch sleeves not only use numerical control processing, but also add a fine grinding process. Both are part of the increase in cost. In addition, we are not only the electrical part, including all large and small accessories, screws and nuts, wire sleeves, and wire ducts, which are all of very high quality. All racks are also designed with round tubes to ensure no water. Stains and other residues. All of these have led to a direct and substantial increase in costs.
5. Due to the current epidemic, we have optimized the entire line. The production line is modularized and installed. Each part is independent. There are only a few connecting pipes and cables, which greatly reduces disassembly and packaging. After the customer gets the equipment, place it in the corresponding position according to the layout drawing, and assemble it as simple as building blocks, so there is no need to dismantle it as the previous equipment to pack it, which makes the installation difficult. With this design, and before shipment, we will load and test all the equipment, adjust the equipment parameters to the most suitable position, basically the customer can easily install and debug.
Main technical parameters
JYJ -300
JYJ -450
JYJ -600
Maximum sugar weight(g)
Pouring speed(n/min)
Working environment
temperature20~25℃ humidity55%
Full length(M)
Total Weight(kg)
Company Profile
Shanghai Junyu is an expert in food machinery solutions
We have 30 years experience in candy, biscuit, wafer, potato chip, chocolate etc.
Candy production lines as follows:

* Hard candy
* Toffee candy
* Lollipop candy
* Semi-auto candy
Currently, there are several production lines serving southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and European countries.
Exhibition Case
Customer Case
Product packaging
Conventional packaging is multilayer packaging convenient for all kinds of transportation
1. Coating the mechanical surface with an anticorrosive solution (protective stainless steel).
2. Protective layer (prevent bumps).
3. Plastic wrap (prevent ventilation).
4. Wooden case/box packing (easy to transport).
5.Bandage the wooden box (strengthen the whole)
What else do we have?
* Biscuit production line (soft and hard, filling and wafer)
* Candy production line (Gummy, jelly candy,Fudge, Hard candy, Lollipop, Toffee, Bonbon)
* Chips production line
* Breakfast cereal corn chip production line
* Instant noodle production line
* Sachima production line
* The French roll line
* Rotating oven
* Mixing equipment
* Chocolate coating machine
* Automatic systems for various packaging
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Airon Project manager
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Shanghai Junyu Food Machinery Manufacturer
No. 6099, Puwei Road, Fengxian Dist., Shanghai,201417 or
Bakery & Confectionery machine

turn-key service

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