Bee Hornet Prevent/Wasps Protective Clothing Beekeeper Outfit 3D Beekeeping Suit Optional USB electric fan

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3D Wasp Protective Clothing
Brand : Zorue
Material : PVC, cotton, chemical fiber
Suit : One-piece garment
Note : Due to the particularity of the clothes, the actual length of the clothes is 10-15cm higher than the body for the convenience of work

Face mask
Use 304 stainless steel spray mesh + polyethylene high transparent protective mask
Resin zipper
Extended zipper, selected from domestic well-known brand resin zipper, resistant to pulling and cracking.

Choose stab-resistant and wear-resistant gloves
Knee and elbow pads
Leather knee pads, wear-resistant and durable
Anti-slip one-piece boots
Non-slip one-piece boots, please contact customer service for size.

Bee trap tools(Collect bee bags)
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USB electric fan (Optional

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Henan Zhuoyu Bee Industry Co., Ltd 2004 Won the quality confirmation insurance of China people's insurance company.2006 Passed ISO9001 international quality system authentication and "QS" quality &safety certification2009 Awarded "national quality assured brand".2013 Pass the ISO22000 HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification.

Company Introduction

Henan Zhuoyu Bee Industry Co., Ltd is established in 1986, located in the biggest beekeeper base -- Changge city.We mainly supply the bee products and the bee keeping equipments, such as the beeswax, bee pollen, propolis, honey extractor, beehive, foundation machine and others. We have the 10000 level GMP workshop, advanced products production line, perfect quality guarantee system,safety and modernization testing instrument equipment.Our products export to Germany, America, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other countries. Of our best products quality, reasonable price, fast delivery, perfect service, our company gained very good comments from our clients. 
Zhuoyu look forward to hear from you, seeking more cooperation opportunities, constantly create the beautiful, sweet future!

Zhuoyu apiculture semi-mountain ecological agriculture area, away from the prosperous industrial park, away from the hustle and bustle of tourist attractions, surrounded by 10,000 acres of good land, beautiful scenery, fresh air, there are a lot of yam trees, jujube trees and other honey source vegetation on the mountain, the mountain is gold everywhere The yellow rapeseed land has no industrial pollution source and is completely in line with the ecological organic bee product standard. The royal jelly (spring pulp) is produced on the same day and frozen on the same day, ensuring freshness and quality from beginning to end.

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Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko Came to Buy Our Exhibition products.


1. What is the working principle of beekeeping suit?
A:Effective isolate bees to protect the beekeepers. The hat has a face net to clearly see the external situation.
2. What's the difference between our beekeeping suit and ordinary beekeeping suit ?
Answer: there is no obvious difference in essence. It can help beekeepers to rise bees and prevent from being stung. Our beekeeping suit are made of fire-resistant and wear-resistant cloth. We provide beekeeping suit of various styles and colors from children to the elderly, which are customized by customers. 
3. What is the material of beekeeping suit ?
A: comfortable fabric, thick, thin, full fabric, splicing fabric, full mesh breathable fabric.Cotton, dacron, organza material. Durable, fireproof material design. 
4. Question: how to choose the right beekeeping suit ?
A: provide the size and style of beekeeping suit you need, and we will recommend it to you.

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