Safety Protection Cut Proof Shatter Resistant Round Neck Long Sleeve Cut Resistant T-shirt

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Safety Protection Cut Proof Shatter Resistant Round Neck Long Sleeve Cut Resistant T-shirt




1.Excellent wear resistance, cut resistance and tear resistance.This cut-proof suit can protect your safety 360°. We use high-quality fabrics and manufacturing technology to make the cut-proof clothing better.

2.Comfortable wear experience.This cut-proof garment is made of special high-density textile knife-proof fabric that feels cool and comfortable. Cut-resistant clothing combines the advantages of strong durability and comfort to bring you a good wearing experience

3.High-quality basic cut-proof material. Cut-resistant fabrics are made of PE grade 5 cut-resistant and fiber-resistant materials, innovatively combining ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and some special ultra-high polymer materials.

4.Wide applicability and application scenarios: Cut-resistant clothing is suitable for metal manufacturing, sheet metal processing, wood board processing, tool production, glass cutting and processing, precision grinding, slaughterhouses, kitchen operations, etc.

5.Cut-resistant clothing is available in four sizes. In order to facilitate your choice, we have manually measured the specific parameters of the clothes (the manual measurement has an error of 1 ~ 2cm). You can refer to the size chart to determine the size you want to buy.

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Our advantages:

1.We produce glove,and we export directly,now trader in the middle to make the price higher.   

2.We are in the middle of china with a cheaper labour force which make our price more competitive.  

3.China most developped highway system and logistics deliver company make sure on time shipment.  

4.We own advanced manufacturing equipments and technique such as the cutting bed, 

  computer controlled sewing machine, so our factory implement assembly line entirely.   

5.Strict quality control system to make sure the quality is good and stable. 

6.Once cooperation,the whole life friendship.Not for others just for the quality and price.


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