5n11 N95 dust-proof particle filter cotton accessories quick delivery for use with 6200 protective cover

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Product Overview


Company introduction
Wuhan zhengyixin Hydraulic Co., Ltd., founded in September 2014 with a registered capital of 9 million yuan, is a company specializing in the supply of industrial supplies, providing customers with convenient and efficient one-stop procurement services for industrial supplies. Through the integration of supply chain resources, linking brands and customers, the company helps the upstream and downstream to improve procurement efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs in terms of products, prices, logistics, services, data, etc.
application area
Aerospace, metallurgy and steel, engineering machinery, automobile, semiconductor, automatic control automation, rubber and plastic, machine tool, new energy, water conservancy and hydropower, ship
Brand managementABB AB, Honeywell, Rexroth, Siemens, Schneider, Omron, Chint electric, people's appliance, Baosheng cable, Tianzheng electric, Delixi, 3M, efmenweika, bengafo, Bosch, Delta, deli office, Philips, Starley, weigton, weigton, oil research, Yadeke, Moog, Shanggong, fluke, Harun, Panasonic, Sichuan, sick, sik, Phoenix, buyue, SMC Festoraz, Kimberly bull SKF, Scafford, ina, Boer, hedk, liming, Harvey, ATOS, baruff, Danfoss
According to the characteristics of the goods, paper packaging, metal packaging, wooden packaging, plastic packaging, hemp product packaging, bamboo, willow, grass product packaging, glass product packaging and ceramic packaging are selected

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