Premium quality Advanced performance and safety cushioning non-woven insole

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Advantages of Mineral Fiber:
1. Inhibit the fungus
2. Removes moisture and does not increase odor
3. Drying of insole is faster than general fabric
4. Reduce foot odor
5. UV blocking

Advantages of High hardness EVA Foam:
* Supports Foot Arch.
* Less Risk Of Foot Conditions.
* Relief From Foot Pain.
* Healthy Movements.
* Improvement in Performance.
* Eases Lower Body Pain.
* Simple and Affordable.

The advantages of Non-woven
* Greater strength per basis weight than competing fabrics.
* High levels of uniformity.
* Form holding in the Z direction.
* High tear and tensile strength.
* Dimensional stability.
* Consistency in high temperature applications.
* Application-specific engineering.
* Ability to form composites for advanced performance.

The advantages of heel cushion
* Enhances the comfort level of your shoes.
* Prevents blisters, irritation and discomfort.
* Improves your posture.
* Realigns your feet if you overpronate (roll in) or supinate (roll out)
* Provides arch support.
* Reduces muscle fatigue.
* Improves heel cushioning.

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